Multi-Sensory Immersion to Improve the User Experience in the Decision-Making Process



Decision-making, Decision-Making Center, Multi-sensory virtual environments, Virtual reality, Human-computer interaction, User experience


This work addresses the need to have a remote immersive multi-sensory virtual environment in which people can come together to make collaborative decisions remotely in real-time, allowing decision-makers to feel as if they were in a Decision-Making Center in person, but with the advantages offered by multi-sensory, immersive, remote, collaborative virtual reality in real-time. Therefore, software architecture is proposed that allows the creation of Multi-sensory Virtual Decision-Making Centers (MVDC) with the capabilities of being collaborative, immersive, and remote in real-time. Together with this architecture, a multi-sensory environment was created, this MVDC has the characteristics and capabilities to carry out remote collaborative decision-making sessions in real-time in addition to adding an immersive multi-sensory experience while using it, ensuring that the sense of presence among decision-makers is not lost and allowing the remote decision-making session to be as similar to a face-to-face session.


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