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On the other hand, emotional intelligence enhances communication so that nurses can manage conflict more successfully. This quantitative research utilized the descriptive correlational research design to assess the interrelationship among profile, emotional quotient, and leadership behaviors of nurse managers of a government hospital in Cebu Province for the first quarter of 2022. Findings of the study revealed that most of the respondents were aged 31 to 40 years old and majority of the respondents were females. Most of the respondents were single and majority of them have a bachelor’s degree. Most of the respondents were assigned in the OB-Gyne Ward and most of them served as a nurse manager for 4 to 7 years already. Lastly, most of them have 201 to 250 hours of related seminars and trainings attended. The emotional quotient of the respondents was good. There was a good level of personal and social competence among the respondents. Overall the leadership behavior of the nurse managers was low. Specifically, the leadership behaviors of tolerance of uncertainty, persuasiveness, and production emphasis were moderate while representation, demand reconciliation, initiation of structure, tolerance and freedom, role assumption, consideration, predictive accuracy, integration, and superior orientation were low. The profile of the respondents was not significantly correlated with the emotional quotient and leadership behavior. Emotional quotient was significantly correlated with leadership behavior.</p> </div> </div> </div> Arlene G. Vecino, Adriel Arman V. Pizarra Copyright (c) 2023 International Scientific Research and Researchers Association (ISRRA) Sat, 11 Mar 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Forecasting ACB Stock Prices using Machine Learning Models and Vietnamese News Sentiment Analysis <p>This paper presents a study on forecasting the stock close price of ACB bank from 2012 to 2022 using various learning machine models. The models used in this study include Decision Tree, Random Forest, and LSTM, which are combined with sentiment analysis for Vietnamese news using the Pho Bert approach. To evaluate the performance of the models, R2 and RMSE are employed as evaluation metrics. The results indicate that the LSTM model with news sentiment analysis provides the best performance in both evaluation metrics. This study contributes to the understanding of the effectiveness of combining machine learning models with sentiment analysis for forecasting stock prices.</p> Luong Nhu Y, Bui Hai Ly, Ta Ngoc Minh, Ta Quang Chieu Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Applied Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends Wed, 17 May 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Innovative Approach for the Implementation of Blockchain in Command and Control Systems of Critical Infrastructure Networks <p>Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly attractive for a series of decision-making processes based on the facilities of the digitized environment for any field of human society. The foundation of blockchain technology is data and information structured in a distributed and immutable ledger through cryptographic mechanisms and consensus protocols. In this paper, we present a critical analysis of the possibilities of implementing this technology at the level of critical infrastructure networks that are priority targets to hit in the event of a conflict situation. Using the SWOT method, we highlight the advantages of blockchain implementation and propose some directions for transforming vulnerabilities and weak points into opportunities for the development of decision support methods at the level of distributed critical infrastructures networks.</p> Topor Sorin Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Applied Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends Sat, 13 May 2023 00:00:00 +0000 On-Site Energy Utilization Evaluation of Telecommunication Base Station a Case Study of Western Uganda <p>In Uganda, the need for network coverage has expanded dramatically over the past few years in both urban and rural areas. As of March 2022, there were 30.6 million mobile phone subscribers and more than 4300 base station sites, thus this increase calls for the development of base stations for the end users to transmit and receive both calls and data. As network operators continue to add base stations to meet customer demand, this is increasing monthly. Energy use also rises as a result of this rise in coverage needs. Power consumption increases as traffic increases, although this scenario changes from geolocation to geolocation because traffic loads at sites in rural and urban areas vary. Thus, it is vital to examine these sites and provide a model that network operators can use in order to handle various power consumption issues. This study evaluated how traffic volume affected energy usage in both rural and urban areas of Ishaka and Mbarara City. Because the effects of traffic load on both rural and urban sites were not sufficiently taken into consideration by earlier models. To investigate these effects of traffic load on power usage, regression models are used. On the basis of data gathered over twenty-eight days, linear models have been provided at three urban and rural areas. Based on the site layouts, the results demonstrated that both rural and urban BTS were well-fitted by the recommended linear models.</p> Aceronga Kwocan, Muhammed Dahiru Buhari, Kelechi Ukagwu John, Jonathan Serugunda Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Applied Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends Thu, 20 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Analysis of Main Effect of Independent Six-individual Characteristic Factors and Workplace Temperature on Safe Weight of Lift Model <p>This study analysed main effect of the independent six-individual characteristic gender based factors of age, body weight, spinal shrinkage, spine length, and frequency of lifts, and workplace temperature on safe weight of lift model. These six-individual characteristic factors and workplace temperature selected were based on biomechanical, physiological and psychophysical approaches. These were yet to be seen used together in any other studies. The human ergonomic factors and workplace temperature were compounded to develop a safe weight of lift (SWL) model using principle of strain energy to determine safe weight that can minimise threat of developing low back pain among manual workers. A subjective selection technique was used to select 50 practising male construction workers. The measurements of human ergonomic factors and workplace temperature were obtained using the ZT-160 scale, stadiometer, measuring tape, clock timer and Extech RH/Temperature pen device. The obtained data were inputted into the SPSS to analysis main effect of human ergonomic factors and workplace temperature on SWL model. Data were analysed using Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) and ANOVA at . The main effect analysis of the six-individual characteristic factors gave highest R<sup>2</sup> and ? of 0.33 and 0.58 for the spinal shrinkage. The body weight and spinal shrinkage were statistically significant at p&lt;.05. The ANOVA analysis results revealed that only body weight was significant at p&lt;.05 with highest F-test = 3.47. Hence, the analyses of the human ergonomic factors and workplace temperature independently shown that body weight is the most significant factor of the developed model.</p> Omotunde Muyiwa, Mojisola Bolarinwa, Olayinka Olasesan Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Applied Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends Mon, 22 May 2023 00:00:00 +0000 True Colors: The Lesbian and Gay Youth Lived Experience of the Coming out Process in Aklan <p>This study explored the coming out stories of 10 Aklanon gay and lesbian youth aged 18-22. Participants were asked about their experiences coming out to themselves as young gays or lesbians, friends, and parents. Colaizzi's phenomenological technique and frequency coding were used to categorize responses across narratives and better represent participant experiences. All participants acknowledged, labeled, and accepted themselves as gay or lesbians; however, two directly disclosed their gender orientation to their respective parents. One participant's parents verbally acknowledged and accepted her; the other participant's parents ignored her. Their narratives revealed that acceptance of friends and parents resulted in increased self-worth and self-acceptance, thus contributing to their development of a positive gay and lesbian identity. Silence from their parents, leniency and the belief that they should strive to be better sons and daughters are signs of parental acceptance; however, future research should look into if Aklanon gays and lesbians who are deemed to be "adolescents" or "young people" go through the same sexual identity development.</p> Archiane Lenz I. Fernandez, Fe V. Tafalla, Profetiza I. Maatubang, Griselda C. Quintana Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Applied Sciences: Current and Future Research Trends Fri, 28 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000